Discover the Main Cybersecurity Trends That Every Security Team Must Be Aware of in 2023

2022 saw many disruptions in the world of technology that demonstrated how vital it is to invest in cybersecurity to ensure business continuity.

In the journals, the most common subjects to read about were fresh data breaches and new types of cyberattacks and data hijacking.

All the reports had the same ending: the targeted company is facing financial losses well into the millions, reputational damage that may never recover, and an expensive fine by the regulatory body.

By consolidating these breaches, we can see that in most cases, the incidents were the result of insufficient, unclear, and even nonexistent data and information security management policies.

So, what could 2023 have in store for businesses? Some important research, such as the Kaspersky Security Bulletin, suggests that the number of cyberthreats is expected to rise this year, and malwares attacks will occur more frequently.

At senhasegura, we have prepared a whitepaper setting out the eight (8) main cybersecurity trends that will assist your chief information security officer and their team to strengthen your company’s security position in 2023.

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