Webinar: Dissecting ransomware attack - Protecting your company accesses

They are among us: ransomwares. Besides hijacking, blocking and risking the operational systems and databases of organizations, these “new age pirates” jeopardize compliance with regulations such as GPDR, PCI, ISO, SOX and NIST, which can lead to strict penalties (a fine of up to €20 million is a big deal, right?) and the damage of the company’s reputation, in addition to the exorbitant amounts demanded by cybercriminals.

And do you know what they like the most?

Privileged Credentials.

But don’t panic, there’s a way! Just as biology teaches us, we are going to “dissect” the ways in which this kind of virus acts in the digital organism and verify which are the treatments for infections and breakdowns in the corporate system through senhasegura.go’s functionalities.

Who will explore the processes of attacks and defenses live? They will be Cybersecurity Reseacher, Filipi Pires, and the System Analyst, Gabriel Oba, both from senhasegura.

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See some senhasegura.go’s functionalities:

Privilege elevation in order to execute Windows and Linux applications;

Control of authorized, notified and blocked action lists, with different permissions for each user;

Access to Windows Control Panel features that require high privileges;

Execution of macros with predefined actions.


Filipi Pires

Cybersecurity Advocate – senhasegura

Filipi breathes cybersecurity. Works as a security engineer, security researcher, security advocate and security instructor.

In addition to being a speaker and creator of the ‘Malware Attack Types with Kill Chain Methodology’ (PentestMagazine) and ‘Malware Analysis – Fundamentals (HackerSec)’ courses.

In this webinar you will learn:

Threat concept;

Dynamic Analysis;

Malware Analysis;

Getting Started for Ransomware Analysis;

Static Analysis;