Webinar: Cyberattacks - Face it or Pay it?

US$ 4.24 million is the average cost of data breach payouts.

This is based on 2021 data, the year that hit the highest average total value in history according to the latest research by the Ponemon Institute.

So, would you rather face the fact that every organization is susceptible to them and, as a result, must seek measures to protect itself, or would you rather pay to see?

Digital migration and technological clashes caused directly by power conflicts between countries ⎼ only in March 2022, Check Point Software recorded a 116% increase in cyberattacks in countries such as Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Poland, the United States, and Turkey ⎼ don’t give IT teams time to be scared, instead they can rely on cybersecurity tools available in the market to contain threats and losses.

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What you will watch in this webinar:

Trends and types of cyberattacks

How to reduce the number of breaches within the corporate system

What are privileged credentials

What is Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Database and information storage methods


Chloé Messdaghi

Purpose & Social Impact Leader | Public Speaker and Writer on Sustainability & Human Rights in Cybersecurity & Tech | Business Insider’s 50 Power Players.

Chloé Messdaghi is the Founder and Principal at Impactive Consulting, a management consulting firm that helps businesses unlock opportunities to enhance trust, mitigate risk, and become purpose-driven. For over ten years, she has advised and developed impactful solutions that drive growth and innovation while transforming businesses to become resilient.

Chloé is a public speaker at major conferences and a trusted source for national and sector reporters and editors, as well as her research, op-eds, and commentary have been featured in numerous outlets, from Forbes and Business Insider to Bloomberg, and TechRepublic.

Her work has earned her many distinctions, including being listed as one of the Business Insider’s 50 Power Players.

Chloé continues to roll up her sleeves for many projects, such as the co-founder of We Open Tech and the Open Tech Pledge project to help increase opportunities and representation of marginalized persons in cybersecurity and tech. In addition, she provides an advice column for Ask Chloé on Security Boulevard, and hosts ITSP Magazine’s The Changemaking Podcast.

Eric Belardo

Founder Raíces Cyber Org, Cyber Security Entrepreneur, US ARMY Veteran, vCISO.

US ARMY Military Intelligence Veteran of Bosnia and Kosovo with NATO; Eric Brings over 30 years of Cyber Security & Online Safety Experience across many industry domains including Civilian Government, Department of Defense, International, Financial, and Civilian markets. Where he has supported organizations in strategic direction, program assessments, remediation and monitoring, intelligence services (VIP & High Value individuals), and Security Risk Mitigation and Security Education.

Eric’s experience in the cyber security field encompasses the areas of Security Operations, Incident Response, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, Digital Forensics, Certification and Accreditation, Enterprise Security Architecture, and Security in Mergers & Acquisitions in over 20 Countries.

Filipi Pires

Cybersecurity Advocate – senhasegura

Filipi breathes cybersecurity. Works as a security engineer, security researcher, security advocate and security instructor.

In addition to being a speaker and creator of the ‘Malware Attack Types with Kill Chain Methodology’ (PentestMagazine) and ‘Malware Analysis – Fundamentals (HackerSec)’ courses.

Phillip Wylie

Penetration Tester | Instructor | Keynote Speaker | Mentor | Published Author

Phillip Wylie is a cybersecurity professional and offensive security SME with over 18 years of experience, over half of his career in offensive security. Wylie is the Tech Evangelism & Enablement Manager at CyCognito.

He is a former college adjunct instructor and published author. He is the concept creator and co-author of The Pentester Blueprint: Starting a Career as an Ethical Hacker and was featured in the Tribe of Hackers: Red Team.