Webinar: Building a Secure Digital Industry

From the device you are reading this page to the automated machines that turn off the lights in your office: these are two samples of the “Industry 4.0” components, a trend that involves high connectivity, automation, and real-time data processing.

And of course, the more we are connected, the more we need to protect what is private: according to an estimate made by Gartner, there were 2.4 billion interconnected devices worldwide, and it also states that the biggest concern of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Operational Technology (OT) users is about cybersecurity.

The fact is that only

57% of Security teams can handle and even anticipate possible cyberattacks in these spheres.

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You don’t need to be part of the other 43%, okay?! Watch the webinar to understand:

What are the most common types of attacks within it and why;

The concepts and practices of Industry 4.0;

How to manage devices and care for your company’s secret information;

What is “Security-by-Design”.

How to reduce operational costs and leverage productivity;

Those who will bring the subject up will be:

Photo David Muniz

David Muniz

Cyber Security Specialist – senhasegura.

David is a Project Management Specialist from Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) and Bachelor of Computer Science from the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA).

More than 10 years of experience in Brazil and Europe, he has been working at senhasegura since 2017, helping companies of various segments and sizes to address numerous aspects in cybersecurity, especially those related to Privileged Access Management (PAM).

Photo David Muniz

Glenn Merrell

ISA Certified Automation Professional at Industrial Control System Security

Glenn Merrell, CAP is a senior industry consultant applying extensive SME experience in Industrial Control Systems (ICS), automation, safety, Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), robotics. Mr. Merrell is an ISA Certified Automation Professional with over 35 years of cross-sector multi-discipline expertise in industrial control systems, possessing a wide expertise base in real-time control systems including but not limited to electrical, instrumentation, process, manufacturing, machine and factory automation, Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), industrial networks, SCADA, IACS Cyber Security and many others.

Mr. Merrell has a wide range of cross-sector knowledge spanning many aspects of product and process development projects from stakeholder management, conceptualization through project deployment in North America and global regulatory environments. He has experience encompassing project management, hardware and software development, system testing, quality assurance and quality control, conformity in regulatory environments CFR/FERC/NERC CIP, system-production-product-process validation, hazard assessment/ risk mitigation, and process improvement. Mr. Merrell additionally performs European Union EC/CE compliance self-certification training and compliance in many areas of EU Directives involving ICS and the Machinery Directive.

His client list covers Fortune 500 companies.

To round out Mr. Merrell’s qualifications, he is an active standards committee member of many Critical Infrastructure Protection Sector professional groups, ISA5 (symbols & diagrams), ISA18 (signals and alarms), ISA84 (functional safety), ISA/IEC 99/62443 (industrial automation control systems security) and ISA101 (HMI); he also sits as an ICS Cyber Security professional and ICSJWG member on US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) US-CERT for Critical Infrastructure Partnership Advisory Council (CIPAC), Cross Sector, Workforce Development, Vendor, R&D and International workgroups.