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A report from RSA Conference 2020 indicates that 74% of atypical privileged access actions detected on enterprise systems were from unknown sources.

One way to address the risks associated with actions performed using privileged credentials is to adopt Privileged Access Management (PAM). PAM is one of the most powerful and practical cybersecurity solutions on the market, but you need to be sure about the quality and credibility of the tool to be adopted.

We can’t choose simply any solution, can we? That’s why senhasegura makes freely available the report LEADERSHIP COMPASS 2021 ⎼ the result of a research done by the prestigious German advisory company KuppingerCole, a foundation for technological analysis with great standing worldwide, especially in Europe.

This year’s edition compares 26 international PAM solutions ⎼ including senhaseguranamed LEADER in all aspects evaluated ⎼ and presents, in a simple and didactic way, the advantages and points of attention on technical advances and business strategies.

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