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    With this in mind, we have reserved the SENHASEGURA EXCLUSIVE HALL, a virtual space where you will have access to specially selected content about the most frequent malicious attacks in the cyber universe, and the effective solutions and services that our cybersecurity tools provide.

    To make sure that your company’s data system is protected and your business will take off in 2022, get on board in this video series divided into 4 presentations that bring the guidelines:

    • The challenges for IT teams in the face of digital migration and convergence;
    • Privileged Credentials: what are they and how to safeguard them?
    • PAM solution (Privileged Access Management) and its features;
    • Culture of best practices within an organization.

    Earn miles of knowledge applicable to the needs of your information network and avoid loss, damage, and data theft. This way, your company will fly far in technology, responsibility, and reputation.

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