What are the consequences of cyberattacks for companies?

We know that the protection and security of business activities and processes are of paramount importance for a company.

This is because, in addition to cyber invasions being vastly frequent in the virtual space, they also offer several problems for a company, especially in the case of data leaks – whose action is intolerable by LGPD rules, for example.

For this reason, we understand that virtual attacks are actions provoked by cybercriminals, who seek to steal business and customer data in order to use them for illicit purposes.

Therefore, it is important to know how to prevent cyberattacks and how to better protect our systems from cybercriminals.

We have prepared an e-book to explain the consequences of cyber attacks and how to avoid them.

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Are we safe on the Internet?

Watch a part from the interview from Marc Goodman (the author of the book “Future Crimes”) with Marcus Scharra, CEO of senhasegura, about our internet security and what we can do to improve this situation.