Ebook: Email - A Major Cyberattack Vector

Why is email still the number one target of cybercriminals??

One of the biggest problems in terms of digital security that people, groups, and companies face is cyberattacks.

Individuals or even some organizations are increasingly expanding their forms of attack, trying to place viruses and other malware on systems to steal data or perform other malicious actions. Therefore, it is essential to learn more about the problem.

Several studies and research on the subject, which aim to generate more security and better procedures to weaken attacks, show a reality that needs to be explored: the fact that email is a great gateway for cyberthreats.

Therefore, we thought about this content with the following perspective:
Email – A Major Cyberattack Vector.

For that, here you will find some points we consider relevant to this subject.

Our goal is to talk more and show how this type of situation is used by those trying to break into systems, as well as provide numbers and ways to try to avoid this problem on a large scale, whether in personal use or for a company and thus avoid any chance of having your system attacked and data were stolen.

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