What are the threats and challenges of digital security in home office?

Moving to home office work was a sudden solution that needed to be taken in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The biggest issue, however, was not the relocation, but the urgency to develop quick solutions to maintain companies’ digital security with employees at home.

Remote work has its advantages – and many corporations were already using this methodology –, but the vast majority of companies found themselves running out of time to adapt their routine to this new way of operating.

Of course, IT departments went to great lengths to ensure that sensitive data and information were given equal care, albeit at a distance.

After the first few months, it became easier to monitor this situation and now there is even a trend to make home office definitive or at least intercalate this working method with face-to-face (hybrid model). Precisely for this reason, the care with digital security in home office continues and is being increasingly improved.

But what exactly configures this care? Every company has its own digital security methods and resolutions, according to its reality and needs. However, some factors are fundamental.

With that in mind, we highlight the main aspects of strong and efficient digital security and also what the biggest digital threats faced during this home office period are.

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